Michel François | Screenplays


From Actor to Screenplay writing and…..maybe one day Directing.

Michel François’ literary trail starts in Paris in the l960’s. This period in France plays a dominant part in European New Age thinking and political thought.

His acting career starts with a role In ‘Sweet Ecstasy’, His journey then takes him from France to Rome, Italy and, to make ends meet as a young actor he accepts an offer to chauffeur Gore Vidal but, his hair-raising drive across Italy cost him his position and his regrettable short-lived association with this highly acclaimed writer. In addition to translation work, he was offered a number of roles in the ‘Foto Romanzo’ (movie magazines) series.

From Rome to Hollywood and like many yearning young talent it was a tough but colourful experience with TV parts and subsequently a role in ‘Scarface’.

Life’s own experiences paves the way for his writing and during his many years in the USA, wrote a number of screen plays for both high and low budget productions.

On arrival into the UK, he asks Anna Burland Services UK to represent his work and the selling of rights for remaining unpublished scripts.

Further information visit www.davidburlandliteraryservices.com

Michel Francois in Foto Romanzo

Michel François in Foto Romanzo magazine

Michel Fraancois TV Actor

Michel François - Actor